Who we are

We have the objective of making the very best resource website on the internet for whatever including fax.

While lots of publications have stated the "death" of fax, The Comfort Guru believe that there is still a pertinent and essential requirement for faxing and fax info, both for personal and business use.
We have constructed a variety of resources around the faxing style, and this site follows and updates the world on updates in fax innovation, also accepts conversation on a variety of styles, consisting of:

The shift of fax innovation from standalone hardcopy facsimile machine to computer system and online fax
The shift of facsimile machine into multifunction systems
The shift of telephone to IP-based systems, and how it impacts (and is impacted by) faxing
The shift of how documents is moved digitally
Legal concerns including electronic interaction
Replacement innovation for fax

We likewise developed this website because we understand that for most of the users, fax is a required disappointment. In most cases, that aggravation is boosted merely because fax info is tough to discover and seldom covered by significant outlets. For this reason, we intend to be the very best place on the internet for assisting users gets the info that will match their requirements.